De:Joel Baxter (
Assunto:ROT-13 for Mozilla
Data:2002-09-10 00:04:38 PST
Since there's been an upsurge in rot-13 spoilerizing over the past few 
months (at least it appears that way to me), and various people talking 
about ways to decode it, I thought I'd take a minute to point out some 
easy solutions for anyone using Mozilla.  There's no official rot-13 
support in Mozilla, but there are at least a couple of handy addons that 
do the trick.

I'm using these with Mozilla 1.1.  They'll probably work with 1.0 as 
well, but I wouldn't be too sure about earlier Mozilla versions.


If you want to be able to rot-13 selected text in your Mozilla browser 
(for instance, if you're using Google groups to read Usenet) then do 
these steps:

1) Go to this page:

2) Select that long, single line of javascript code and drag it into the 
Personal Toolbar area of the browser window (the set of bookmarks above 
the main window and below the navigation buttons).  This will create a 

3) Right-click on the new bookmark and select "Rename"; give it a nice 
name like ROT-13.

That procedure creates a "bookmarklet", which is javascript code that 
executes when you click on the bookmark.  In this case, it is code that 
performs rot-13 on whatever text is currently selected in the browser 
window.  Code is courtesy of Jesse Ruderman and Grey Hodge.

If you want to get rid of this, just delete the bookmark.


If you want to be able to do rot-13 in the Mozilla mail/news reader or 
composer, then do this:

1) Go to

2) Might want to read the page to see what's going on there.

3) Click on the installation link (minirot13.xpi) and OK any dialogs 
that ask permission to install it.

That adds a "Rot13" entry to the right-click menu for the mail/news 
reader pane (acts on the whole message), and a "Rot13 Selection" entry 
to the right-click menu for the composer window.

If you want to get rid of this, I believe you would only need to quit 
Mozilla, delete Mozilla/chrome/minirot13.jar, and then restart 
Mozilla... but I haven't personally tried that out.