For info on the current status of my Ultraverse profiles, please click here. He listing of published Ultraverse profiles is here.

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Profiles I made

7266. Richard & Wendy Pini (Ghost Rider (Blaze) characters -- based on the Elfquest creators) - by Luis Olavo Dantas, the Daevanator - 8/5/08

2459. Ruby (Freex character, Ultraverse) - by Luis/Daevanator and Snood - 2/11/04

2457. Lost Angel (Freex foe, Ultraverse) - by Luis/Daevanator and Snood - 2/10/04

2417. Godwheel (Ultraverse) - by Daevanator - 1/28/04 - First use ever of the Event template!

2272. Atlez (Infinity Abyss) - by Luis/Daevanator - 1/1/04

2271. Atleza Langunn (Infinity Abyss) - by Luis/Daevanator - 1/1/04

2263. Thanosi (Thanos' clones, Infinity Abyss characters) - by Luis - 12/28

2191. Shanga the Star-Dancer (MTIO and Quasar character, Blue Diamond's mate, Stranger's former prisoner) - 12/21/03 - by Luis Dantas

2140. Durok the Demolisher (Thor foe) - 12/10/03 - by Luis Olavo Dantas- welcome back, Luis!

1086. Darren Cross (Ant-Man/Scott Lang foe)-by Luis Dantas-10/29/02

1063. Monstroid/Ballox (Spider-Man/Iron Fist foe)-by Luis Olavo Dantas-10/24/02

Profiles I contributed to

1143. Ramrod (Iron Man foe) - by Luis and Snood - 11/28/02

1135. X-Man (What If? character) - 11/23/02 -by Sammy 7D

1083. Dracula( you need an explanation?)-A literal MONSTER of a profile-by the Masters of the Obscure-10/29/02

Pages of interest at

Nature of the corrections wanted

Profile Description

Profile Guidelines

Profile Templates

Relevant Links

A few words about images:

Computer images come in literally dozens of formats, but only three are really useful for webpages: GIF, JPG (sometimes called JPEG) and PNG.

That does not mean that if you happen upon a picture on another format we cannot use it. Far from that, really; converting pictures is a relatively easy and painless process. An invaluable resource for us Windows-users with fairly recent computers is Microsoft Photo Editor, which may usually be found under C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\PhotoEd\PHOTOED.EXE. Language plays a role here - for instance, on a brazilian computer you might get something like this (see the rainbow-collored icon for the Photo Editor program) :

My cooperation with the Unofficial Handbook Appendix

What I offer

UPDATE: as of November de 18th, 2002, I was promoted to formating and image coordinating editor of the MarvUnApp. That means that, unless other arrangements are made, I am supposed to receive the profiles and images, convert them into HTML, GIF and JPG files, give them fitting filenames, correct any minor/obvious mistakes and upload them and notify Prime.

For the daring souls, a new and lightly tested character template based on Cascading Style Sheets, that may be a bit easier to use and more damage-resistant that pure HTML ones. I would love to hear of any experiences (pleasant or otherwise) with this template.

Also, hosting of proposed corrections and updates: many older profiles need, or at least could use, some minor style and content changes on such things as links to other profiles, link color, font color, item headings and possibly spelling. IMO it would be convenient to make proposed updates available through my buffer site for a while so that the Marvunapp editors, the profile creator and any other interested parties may easily contrast the original profile and the update with little chance of confusion and no need to check with each other. Besides, that way I can do some editing before the editors proper become available, hopefully reducing their workload. If anyone is interested, I may set up "probational" pages for new profiles as well.

I also offer file conversion and/or integration - I will be glad to receive most any file format from any of you, be it for text (Word documents, Rich Text, plain text, incorrect/incomplete/defective HTML) or images (TIFF, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG) and correct, adjust and integrate them. I feel at home with Photo Editor and I have a good working knowledge of HTML.

I have been experimenting a bit with CSS - Cascading Style Sheets, and I encourage all of you to learn a bit about them. Check the Portuguese translation of this site to get a taste of what they can do.

The Web Design Group has excellent references for both HTML and CSS.

What I need

Mainly, pictures. Sadly, it is not so much a matter of having access to a scanner - that I can arrange fairly easily - as of actually having the issues at hand for scanning.

Who to ask about what

Prime / Michael /

War, Western and Horror stuff. His archives are through, but he knows even more.

Filenames rules

  1. they shall have exactly eight characters (plus the ".htm" extension, of course)

  2. only lowercase letters and numerals

  3. unique (of course)

  4. "surname first", comment or first name last

  5. if at all possible, the filename used originally by the profiler should be kept (when it follows the other specified rules, that is)

  6. image files match up with the .htm, only with a number (obligatory) suffix. Example:


    An interesting consequence is that image filenames will always be nine to ten characters long (exactly nine for most pages, which have nine images or less).

Pending Stuff

"Added links, re-formatted stuff, etc. on Baron Samedi, Bison, Bela, Oswald,
Fagin, Brain, Caber, Rufus Carter, Skip Collins, Cougar, De'Lila, Deluge,
DePrayve, Fat Man, Godzilla, Iron Mask, Zzutak, Gigantus & Tutinax. Also, re-named all of Baron Samedi's images-- Image1254.jpg to barsam1.jpg,
Image1255.jpg to barsam2.jpg, Image1257.jpg to barsam3.jpg, and
Image1256.jpg to barsam4.jpg."
ProfileFilenameCurrent Status
Baron SamedibarsamOk. I could reduce the image file sizes at the expense of clarity. I could also include whitespace borders at the image's sides.
BisonbisonIs alright, but uses only GIFs. I verified that, by using JPGs with 70% of fidelity, we can reduce the bandwidth consumption to about 65% of what it is now, with no noticeable loss of quality.
BelabelabroThe version currently published lacks the image dimensions specification. Can you edit it through Frontpage, Jeff? What about this version? Either one uses a JPG that is just fine.
OswaldoswaldbrSame as Bela - try this version on Frontpage.
FaginfaginbhNot checked yet
BrainbrainNot checked yet
CabercaberNot checked yet
Rufus CarterrufuscNot checked yet
Skip CollinsskipcoNot checked yet
CourgarcougarNot checked yet
De'LiladelilaNot checked yet
DelugedelugeNot checked yet
DePrayvedeprayNot checked yet
Fat ManfatmanNot checked yet
GodzillagodzillaNot checked yet
Iron MaskirnmskNot checked yet
ZzutakzzutakNot checked yet
GigantusgigantNot checked yet
TutinaxtutinaxNot checked yet


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